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 Sunday's Big Events, February 12 2012

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PostSubject: Sunday's Big Events, February 12 2012   Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:44 am

Greetings, players of AmidalaRO.

Some things to get you excited!

Sunday's Big Events ( February 12, 2012 )

AmidalaRO's Mr. Valentine
*Open to all male players of AmidalaRO.
*There will be 3 Rounds, 1st Round - Papogian Portion, 2nd Round - Pick Up Line Portion , 3rd Round - Question and Answer Portion.

Criteria for Judging
30% Kapogian(R1)
30% Pick-up Line originality(R2)
30% Q&A answer(R3)
5% Appeal sa chicks at audience Smile)
5% Kinilig ang masa.

2nd Runner Up - Girlfriend Hat + 500 Gold Coins
1st Runner Up - Aquarius/Pisces Crown + 1000 Gold Coins
Mr Valentine - 1 Proxy Fragment + Pisces/Aquarius Crown + Valentine's Message

Event Name: Event Name : Pacifier Event
*War Event, Baby Second Job Edition
*Classes: Knight,Hunter,Blacksmith,Assasin,Wizard,Monk,Bard,Dancer,Priest
*No Job Repetition
*No Mini/Boss Cards, 3rd Party Buffs, No Boss Card Scrolls Allowed.
*Battle is gonna be, Race to 3 ( Eliminations ) , Race to 5 ( Finals ).

2nd Place: 1000 Gold Coins + Greetings
Winner: 1 AmidalaRO Ticket + 500 Gold Coins + Greetings

Event Name: The search for Jumper
*Jumper is giving away 1 Silver Bullion, 50 Gold Coins and 1 Platinum Coin, each round ( in random )
*You can exchange 5 Silver Bullions to 1 AmidalaRO Ticket. ( with Padme )
*Event runs from 7am to 12noon.

PLUS! other mini-Events hosted by our beloved GMs, with exciting and cool prizes!!!
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Sunday's Big Events, February 12 2012
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